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The Challenge

VistaPrint has grown quickly through both organic success and acquisition, resulting in a complex internal tooling landscape. Disconnected tech stacks across products, siloed brands, and custom tooling galore. They needed more scalable design infrastructure to improve their operation and deliver more unified experiences.


VistaPrint implemented Knapsack while refactoring their design system, providing immediate visibility to cross-functional teams. Knapsack quickly replaced custom tooling and code playgrounds, unlocking new workflows for pattern experimentation, capture and sharing beyond the core system.


Central source of truth used by design, engineering and product

Improved engineering quality and consistency

Reduced custom tooling maintenance overhead (specs, code playgrounds)

Reduced product engineer need for custom tooling / environments

If you want to summarize it in one line: it’s awesome...Knapsack incentivizes all developers to follow best practices, and the result is an app that feels like it was built by a single top-notch developer.

Sujeet Jaiswal
Lead Engineer at VistaPrint

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