Adding Content to Knapsack

Knapsack uses Content Blocks (or just “Blocks”) to manage content in various areas of your documentation site. Blocks can be added to Pattern Pages, on a content tab or at the bottom of a template tab, and to regular Pages.

When viewing a blank page, you’ll see a select menu that allows you to choose a content block to add.

Add content block select menu

Each block allows you to add a different form of content. The Text block is the most commonly used. Once added, hover over the block to interact with it. Each block type may have slightly different ways of interacting with it, click into the Text block to begin typing markdown text (markdown allows you to write text and add formatting with special syntax, see this cheat sheet to get started).

When hovering over a block, you’ll see a series of controls associated with it.

Text slice hovered

The left controls allow you to add a block directly below the hovered block. When multiple blocks are on a page, reordering actions will be visible as well. The top right actions allow you to resize the block, edit the block’s settings (for certain block types) or delete the block.

Pro tip: If you set the first block on a page to have a width of "end to end" (far right option in the sizing toggles), the page's top padding will be stripped, allowing you to create a hero banner.