Pattern Page Tabs for Templates or Content

A Pattern Page may contain any number of tabs. Pattern Page Tabs can be for content, or perhaps more importantly, Templates. Template tabs are how you connect a coded template file to a Pattern Page.

Adding a Tab

Add a tab by clicking the “+” add button on the right side of the tabs list for any Pattern Page.

Add Tab Popover

After you’ve added a tab you’ll see some edit controls when you hover, including the ability to rename the tab or delete it. If you click and drag the tab you can reorder it among the other tabs.

Content Tabs

Content tabs provide an area to add content via blocks, generally for documentation, much like a Page.

Template Tabs

Template tabs are where coded templates are linked to Pattern Pages. These tabs come with the Template Stage, Pattern Settings and some auto generated documentation including code snippets and Props/Slots tables. This area is the development workshop, as well as the area where Examples are generated from the Schema form.

Template Tab