Proposing a Change

This feature is only available to Team or Enterprise level accounts.

The process of Proposing a Change is how you enter changes made from the Knapsack UI into the core of your system. Once complete, Knapsack will have created a Github pull request with your changes, allowing the change set to be entered as a permanent record in the version history timeline of your design system.

After you have made changes to your system via the Knapsack UI, click Propose Change from the main settings menu.

Propose Change Menu Item

You’ll then see a form that allows you to enter some information about the changes you’re attempting to introduce.

Propose Change Form

The information entered here will become a permanent record in version history of your system, so it’s worth taking the time to provide a clear explanation.

Once ready, click the “Propose Change” button. A message will appear at the top of the screen informing you of progress. Once successfully completed, the message will display a link to a Github Pull Request. How this pull request is managed will be up to your team’s governance model and how you set up Knapsack to handle content changes (some teams opt to have them directly merged into the master branch and deployed, others prefer an approval process).