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Empower enterprise product organizations with Knapsack’s sustainable and scalable design system platform. Enhanced infrastructure, tooling, and services to drive greater impact.

Different technologies (ios, andriod, desktop, mobile, etc.) all connected together.

Without Knapsack

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Design systems often fail to be fully adopted and customers fail to stand up a sustainable capability.

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Design systems are often restarted after three years or less, creating excessive technical debt.

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Multi-tool solutions address only a fragment of the larger problem, and custom-made solutions are costly and divert attention from your core services and offerings.

With Knapsack

Provide your client with a scalable foundation for ongoing success and growth.

Positioned as an agency of record, you are able to improve and build new solutions using a robust and well-implemented system.

Focus your budget and activities on high-value services instead of tool development & maintenance.

How It Works

Partner provides

Qualified customer opportunities

Knapsack provides

10% commission on initial contract value

Repeatable service engagement opportunities

Dedicated agency workspaces for internal use


On-demand client workspaces to get engagement started

Team enablement & support office hours

Sales enablement & marketing support

Customer Story

IBM IX logo

IBM iX & Knapsack

IBM iX’s engagement with clients required a sophisticated and enterprise-grade solution that was also relatively turn-key to support a powerful design system (based on Carbon) for a team relatively new to system workflows.

Knapsack and IBM iX stood up the client’s system in a matter of weeks, quickly providing the foundation for the system rollout and change management initiative.

Robin Cannon headshot
“When we're building design systems with our clients, we want to set them up for long-term success. Knapsack is always high on the list of considerations when I'm recommending solutions for a universal design system platform for documentation and engagement.”
Robin Cannon
Global Director of Design Systems at IBM iX

Case Study

National Grid ESO logo

National Grid ESO

The Challenge

National Grid was working with IBM iX to build their very first design system and facing pressure from internal teams to create something quickly. With no existing infrastructure or tooling in place, they needed a way to build a fully compliant system that internal and external teams could start using right away.


National Grid used Knapsack’s flexible workspace to build out a custom branded site based on a themed implementation of the Carbon design system. They were also able to use Knapsack’s built-in contribution workflows and distribution pipeline to jumpstart their operations. Knapsack’s security features also meant their system was fully compliant.


A fully compliant system used by internal and external teams

Significant cost savings by using Knapsack's built-in operations

Centralized design system supporting 10+ properties

Months saved building and implementing a system from scratch

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