May 13, 2024
Richard Banfield

Why You Should Focus on Measuring Cycle Time Instead of Design System Adoption

Most design system leaders have looked to adoption as a primary metric to measure and demonstrate the value of their system. We argue that adoption metrics focus on the tool rather than what the tool can do, in other words, adoption is not a good measure of the value a design system provides. Instead, design teams should focus on cycle time to benchmark and measure the impact and ROI of their design system.

March 20, 2024
Richard Banfield

Modern work: The Frankenstack and How To Overcome The Monster

Learn how to tame the Frankenstack monster and streamline workflows in modern workplaces. Simplify tools, prioritize value, and boost productivity.

July 19, 2023
Josh Mabry

How to chat with your knowledge base

We’ll take a look at how to use ChatGPT and similar language models to answer questions based on your documentation.

June 20, 2023
Lindsay Jones

Why Design Systems Fail

The root cause of design systems' failure is centered around the lack of focus on the people.

October 31, 2022
Andrew Rohman

Design System Adoption Insights

We surveyed over 100 design system managers and contributors to better understand the challenges they’re facing around adoption. Here are 5 of the top insights that the survey revealed.

April 22, 2021
Shayna Hodkin

Six insights into design tokens

We spoke to experts from some of the world's most advanced design systems about design tokens: best practices, potential advances, and their importance to the design systems community. Our findings are packaged in a downloadable report.

April 15, 2021
Shayna Hodkin

Insights from Gartner’s design system effectiveness report

Tl;dr: “By 2025, over half of all new digital products globally will be traceable to a platform-based or open-source design system.” Get on board.

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