Design System ROI Calculator

Investing in a design system can have broad impact - on consistency, sentiment, accessibility, and even how much your team can ship. But the easiest ROI to align to business metrics is cost savings, most easily calculated based on efficiency.

Use the calculators below to understand and project cost savings by employee and/or component usage.

Move the sliders to input your employee costs and assumed efficiency gain to calculate total employee savings from implementing a design system. If you need help figuring out how efficient you might be, try calculating Time Savings by Component on the next tab.

Select an example component or UI element to calculate the estimate efficiency gain using a system vs. unique implementation. Pick between the two starting scenarios - a simple (e.g. button) or complex (e.g. dynamic menu) component.

Select between the different starting scenarios based on different team sizes and product complication. Move the slider on employee costs and efficiency gain to calculate the total savings.