Knapsack vs. Supernova

Bridge the designer developer gap with Knapsack

Simplify large-scale design system implementation with proven engineering practices. Seamlessly integrate your design system into your product development process with Knapsack's flexible end-to-end platform and expert support.

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How Knapsack and Supernova stack up

Premium support and
customized implementation


SOC2 Type II compliant security.
Enterprise-level onboarding, implementation, and premium support.
Engineer-approved: Knapsack simplifies large-scale design system implementation with proven engineering practices.
Customized implementation and feedback-driven environment.
Knapsack supports all the top frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Web Components, Twig, Handlebars, and HTML. We also handle the publishing and deployment of applications.


SOC2 Type II compliant security.
Lack of expert support offerings can pose challenges for larger organizations.
Design-centric and lacks complete integration with engineering workflows. Figma content must be first converted into tokens via exporters - a method that has limitations and can add maintenance overhead and complexity.
Rigid implementation process and solution.
Leveraging full capabilities requires learning and using a new framework (Pulsar).



Knapsack provides an enterprise-level solution with thorough onboarding, implementation, and premium support.

Dedicated support professionals with decades of expertise offer personalized assistance throughout the design system building process. Knapsack combines flexible end-to-end tooling with comprehensive guidance to help teams navigate the implementation process, specifically tailored to enterprise needs.


Supernova may be suitable for smaller teams looking for a simpler solution, but its lack of expert support offerings can pose challenges for larger organizations.

the enterprise level, there are often complexities and unique challenges that require a higher level of expertise and personalized support. Without expert guidance and support, large organizations may struggle to effectively implement and maintain their design system, leading to fragmentation, inconsistencies, and other issues that can negatively impact user experience and brand identity.

The largest home-improvement retailer in the world accelerated feature speed-to-market by 15% with a Knapsack-based production pipeline.



Knapsack offers customized implementation for new workspaces and a feedback-driven environment ideal for successful enterprise design systems.

As implementation varies significantly from one customer to the next, Knapsack doesn't provide a free trial but instead offerst Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops to ensure teams feel comfortable using Knapsack. For a design system platform to succeed, it must integrate seamlessly with the team's product development process. Knapsack prioritizes flexible implementation, which is essential for design system success.


Supernova offers a self-serve implementation process and a free trial, which can be a good fit for smaller companies.

The ability to set up a free trial quickly doesn't necessarily mean Supernova can support the complex workflows and customization required by larger enterprises. Platforms that offer a free trial adopt a "one size fits all" approach, which may not align with the requirements of enterprise product

Creating just a 10% efficiency for 60 designers and engineers saves $1M+ annually.

“Knapsack (and their incredibly dedicated team) not only provided us a place to house our design system, they bridged the gap and created opportunities for cross-team collaboration.”
James Nguyen
Software Engineer II@ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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We're passionate about design systems

Our team has spent years building and scaling successful design systems for industry giants. Clients receive premium support with access to seasoned design system managers, designers, and engineers.

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