The design system platform for ambitious product teams

Design and build more collaboratively with Knapsack.

Bring design and development closer together.

Ship code faster and with fewer defects.

Ensure adherence to accessibility, brand, and industry requirements.

Stop recreating the wheel and spend more time on creative, high-value activities.

Keep your favorite design tools

Embed or upload assets from Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and more.

Learn more about embedding assets

Framework agnostic

Knapsack supports client-side and server-side templating languages, including React, Angular, Vue, HTML, Web Components, Twig, and Symfony.

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Component approval workflow and status

Propose and approve changes to all parts of the system to know which components are ready for use and which need attention from designer or developers.

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Prototype with live code

Assemble and customize new experiences based on the coded components in your design system.

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Modularity matters more than ever.

Right now, our entire industry is drowning in a sea of devices, viewport sizes, and online environments. And things aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Brad FrostAuthor of Atomic Design