Knapsack vs. zeroheight

Close the feedback loop between design and development

Invest in a platform that prioritizes collaboration and brings design and development closer together. Knapsack combines powerful documentation with live, interactive code to help teams build their next great feature.

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An illustration of Knapsack's User Interface

Two companies, two different philosphies


Document design decisions and ship code, all from one platform
Connected to your codebase
Live-rendered components
Multiple editors
Developer contribution tools
Prototyping playground
Flexible distribution options


Design documentation, without the code integration
Relies on code examples and static previews
Better for single design system author or contributor
Primarily used for design documentation

A collaborative playground for product teams

Knapsack is so much more than just a place to host and document your design system. With instant access to the coded components used in your application, designers and developers can build together in real time.

Tommy Kuntze headshot image
Knapsack’s approach simply matches how we expect collaboration software to work — log in, make changes, and trust that everyone sees what you did. Members of our team trust that everything in our design system is up to date and official.
Tommy Kuntze
VP of Product & Design at Rhumbix

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a design system platform that unites design and code to help you create new products faster — the choice is clear. Knapsack is a better long-term investment.