Product updates: A design system platform for your entire product team

"As a designer, I can't add content to my workspace without engineering support."

"As a designer, I feel slowed down because I can't collaborate in real-time with design and engineering partners using shared documentation drafts."

You would think that design systems would be easy for designers to use—after all, they're in the name. When we talked to our users, though, we found out that wasn't the case. Many of them felt locked out of GitHub-based contribution models and didn't feel like they could contribute without engineer support.

Design systems work best when everyone on the product team can use them. That's why we're implementing cloud authoring: a web-based solution for creating, editing, and publishing in your design system.

Who benefits from cloud authoring?

Designers, content writers, and product managers can now use Knapsack without being held back by GitHub-based submissions and engineer dependencies. Collaborate live and asynchronously, share drafts, and take control over your work.

The days of GitHub-based contributions are over. As of today, anyone can create, edit, and publish content from within Knapsack's web-based UI—with or without GitHub access.

Design system editors can now save and share drafts, collaborate live or asynchronously in their drafts, and publish freely. This update has eliminated dependencies on engineers, giving new capabilities to designers, content writers, and product managers.

Want another set of eyes on your work before you publish? No problem. Propose committed changes in our new branch menu and get whatever sign-off you need.

Knapsack's vision for design systems

We believe that design systems facilitate healthy behaviors: the magic isn't in the tool, but in the way it's used. That's why we're releasing a group of features built to help non-engineers on your product team collaborate and contribute equally. We're empowering product teams collaborating live, asynchronously, and cross-functionally. The kind of teams that build great products.

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