Product Updates: Elevating Accessibility for User-Centric Products

At Knapsack, we understand the importance of accessibility and its pivotal role in ensuring that all our users can interact with our platform and your products effortlessly. In this latest update, we're excited to share the steps taken to make our user interface more accessible, making it easier for everyone to navigate and engage with Knapsack.

The Viewer Experience Gets a Boost

Our user base continues to evolve, and so do their needs. As we expand the functionality and complexity for editor roles, we recognize the need to ensure that our platform remains user-friendly for all. In the first phase of this initiative, our focus is on enhancing the viewer user experience. Rest assured, we have a follow-up project in the works to address the specific needs of our editors.

Improving Keyboard Navigation

In recognition of the importance of seamless keyboard navigation, the SecondaryNav DOM structure has been refactored to enhance keyboard navigation and screen reader parsing. We are actively tracking and addressing issues related to the collapsible menu structure. Additionally, the focus state for various elements has been updated to improve visibility and contrast, contributing to smoother navigation.

Enhancing Screen Reader Functionality

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to screen reader users. Aria attributes and labeling have been updated, ensuring a more informative and user-friendly experience. The handling of semantic landmarks has also been improved, making it easier for screen reader users to understand the structure of our platform.

Testing & Processes

To maintain accessibility standards, axe-core has been integrated into our Cypress testing suite, accompanied by a set of tests. A library of resources and tool recommendations has been established to empower the team with ongoing education on accessibility best practices. Additionally, documentation on accessibility compliance practices and values has been updated, reinforcing the dedication to accessibility across the board.

What's Next

Improving accessibility in Knapsack is continuous. We're committed to delivering a user experience that's more inclusive, intuitive, and rewarding for all. Stay tuned for further updates on our ongoing commitment to accessibility and usability.

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