case study

Knapsack accelerates digital production
to save $3M


  • Fortune 500 company
  • Top 5 US retailer
  • Approximately 475,000 employees 
  • 2,300 stores across North America


  • Platform implemented 50% faster than estimated, saving $1M.
  • 15% acceleration in time-to-market, saving $2M+ in annual operations costs
  • 2,500+ cross-functional users


This Fortune 500 company and top 5 US retailer relies on a complex ecosystem of digital products and digitally-enabled services across web, mobile, email, print, in-store channels to drive their business. A legacy enterprise with massive brand and product organizations, they needed to modernize their infrastructure and operations to better support customers, partners, and employees.

The Challenge

The company struggled with a rigid design system that was difficult to update and only served their primary retail website – no apps, emails, or other branded channels key to their buyer’s journey. Due to the lack of support from the core system, teams were using fragmented tools to manage other digital properties, creating a disconnect between product and brand marketing and impacting customer conversion rates. Aware of their need for unified infrastructure, company stakeholders had to decide between building their own platform, a costly and time consuming custom build, or using a third-party tool.

The Solution

The organization chose to implement their new system on Knapsack because of the turnkey enablement of core capabilities the platform provides. Knapsack’s flexible implementation model helped connect workstreams across brand, design, content, and engineering, allowing the design team to establish a unified documentation site for both the brand and the design system in 6 months.

The new, knapsack-enabled, design system helps drive cross-functional collaboration and connects brand and design documentation to the engineering workflow for design token management and the implementation of styles across technologies, ensuring alignment between brand guides and end-user experiences.

The Impact

Partnership with Knapsack helped ensure the success of the organization’s design system initiative and track progress toward planned rollouts to products and teams, allowing design team leaders to communicate ROI and gain C-level visibility and buy-in.

New Platform Implementation

Established a new platform infrastructure in 6 months, 50% faster and $1M+ less expensive than if they had built it per existing plans

Accelerated Production

Accelerated feature time-to-market by 15% across teams resulting in an estimated $2M in operations costs savings.

Increased Adoption

Supports 75%+ of web and mobile (iOS/Android) experiences, and is on pace to provide 98% coverage by Q2 2025

Cross-Functional Collaberation

Actively used by 2,500+ internal and external team members

Thanks to the demonstrable impact of the new system, leadership has consolidated all global design system efforts for customer-facing and internal platforms to the team working with Knapsack.

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