December 2021: Knapsack product updates

I don’t need to tell you that it has been a year. We’ve got some cool things and big news lined up for 2022, but we’ve been putting in work over the last month of 2021 too. Before most of the working world heads out for a well-deserved holiday break, we want to share updates to the Knapsack platform that make design system management an easier, more pleasant experience.

December 22, 2021
Shayna Hodkin
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Embeddable component playgrounds

ABUTD: Always be up-to-date. Now that component playgrounds can be embedded wherever, whenever, you can extend what’s documented in Knapsack and have peace of mind knowing that the component you shared will always be up-to-date wherever it’s viewed. 

The Knapsack pattern playground can be embedded in third-party applications and UIs (e.g. via iframe), providing y’all with an easy way to ensure all examples of their system used across their tools are synced with the system source assets. 

Embed Knapsack’s component playground in other sites or apps via iFrame. Configure which elements of the playground get included (e.g. prop form, code sample, link back to Knapsack). 

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Custom domain support

Want to show off your design system? Please do!!! Knapsack now provides the option to use a bespoke/vanity URL for your design system, rather than the default Knapsack URL. Use your design system for marketing, recruiting, open-source sharing—the options are endless.

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Multi-column content block

More flexibility in your documentation! You got it. Content blocks can now be expanded up to four columns. Documentation is critical to adoption and usage, and we’ve made it even easier to do what’s right for you and your team.

Handlebars.js renderer

Have you heard of Handlebars.js? It’s a popular templating language for HTML emails, and now we support it. Knapsack now enables users to manage design tokens and components for transactional emails, newsletters, and more.

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