Knapsack enables enterprise teams to fulfill the promise of their design system and scale digital production operations.

Unite product, design, and engineering teams in one collaborative workspace.

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Technical Roadmap


Enhanced Figma Integration


We’re improving design engineering collaboration

An updated version of the Figma integration will enable seamless association of Figma components with their counterparts in Knapsack, streamlining the design-to-development workflow.

It will unlock new layers of connectivity between design and engineering, extending beyond traditional documentation.

Expect brand new automated extraction, more clarity for developers and side-by-side comparisons bridging the gap between design intent and user experience.



Enabling everyone to assemble experiences using production code

Assembling complex structures and UI elements using production components will become effortless.

Taking a step further to reduce manual adjustments, we will redefine the relationships between components for system-wide updates.

Discover a more versatile way to experiment with building and editing variations on the fly and storing recipes.



Creating, implementing and managing themes with less effort

Experience improvements in brand implementation that will accelerate change management and ensure greater consistency across applications.

We'll optimize the tools to connect structured collections and design attributes directly to style implementation in cross-platform experiences.

Say goodbye to surprises during QA – this update is about to change the game, ensuring a more solid connected pipeline for brand, design, and engineering teams.

Systems of Systems


We’re simplifying brand consistency across complex digital ecosystems

Prepare for an improvement that will optimize how you deploy and manage components, tokens, documentation and themes across a multi-tiered brand and product ecosystem.

We’re bringing better ways of inheriting and overriding systems at different levels based on product or brand needs. Stay updated with automated nudges for improved dependency management.

Additional tools to keep empowering teams to efficiently create, innovate, and maintain your system at scale with unparalleled efficiency.

Feedback Loop & Contribution


Experience collaborative system management like never before.

An update to transform your design system into a dynamic user-responsive platform.

Gather valuable feedback and prioritize tickets, spotlight user-requested updates in release notes. Engage users with release notes that spotlight changes, including updates requested by users themselves.

Leverage data-driven insights to generate comprehensive release notes and manage user interactions efficiently. Ensure accelerated adoption by turning users into advocates for your design system.

Workflows & Change Management


New mechanisms of control and trust in your design systems

New ways of empowering users with control and trust in their design system delivery through fine-grained permissions and publishing controls.

Optimized user navigation on complex systems and overrides, resulting in a better understanding of interconnected workflows.

With granular control and enhanced clarity, users will assess more confidently what they're getting from the design system and how to effectively utilize it within their specific context.

AI Tools


More automation. More acceleration

AI will optimize several processes, such as composition and theming, empowering users to accomplish tasks more quickly and easily.

Users will benefit from augmented search capabilities, enabling them to seek problem-solving guidance, receive design token recommendations, and discover components that effectively address specific design challenges.

Digital Asset Management


Improving the way you manage key brand assets alongside code and design

A more efficient way of managing brand assets alongside code and design elements, all in one centralized platform.

Optimization of brand definition and implementation through the power of design tokens, improving how you can easily organize, store, and reuse assets, ensuring a consistent brand presence across all your digital properties.

Upvote features on our technical roadmap

Technical Roadmap

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