​​Get more value from your design system by changing your contribution practices

The ROI of design systems can reach five, six or even seven digits, but their value doesn’t come from the platform used. They come from the healthy habits a team needs to develop to stand up a successful design system.

We recently hosted a webinar with some members of the Knapsack team, along with Tommy Kuntze, Head of Research and Design at Rhumbix, to discuss the practices that supercharge the ROI of design system implementation—and how Knapsack can help.

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Design system benefits come from behaviors, not platforms

Your design system doesn’t have to be “complete” to be worthwhile. The magic is in the habits, not the platform.

Working transparently and cooperatively is what will bring your team those big money results. Decreased production costs and time to market, increased consistency and velocity, and improved customer experience are all benefits of design system implementaiton—but they’re all a result of collaboration, comradery, and teamwork, not just software.

Design systems are important. They give your team a home base for their smart teamwork. But the benefits don’t come from the platform: they come from you.

Design system ROI is driven by code reuse

Unifying your work in a platform that functions as your single source of truth will cut down on hours spent chasing design and dev partners and hoping that the most recent version in Storybook is the most updated version in use.

Reusable, easily accessible code is one of the most compelling aspects of design system implementation for developers. Working with, and from, an always up-to-date source of truth makes staying consistent a breeze, even across multiple products.

Your design system’s success depends on you

We believe that design system use leads to better, more consistent experiences, but we know that design systems won’t do the work on their own.

It’s all about the users—of your product, and of your design system. Design systems work when teams work together, using one design system, knowing that they’re always working with the most up-to-date assets.

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