Effortless Design Consistency: February Product Updates

Unified Naming of Design Tokens

Naming things can be tricky, and sometimes it may seem like designers and engineers are speaking different languages. With Flexible Token Naming our users now have ultimate control over how they name their tokens, eliminating any disconnect between designers and engineers. Working together to agree on a unified language facilitates effective design system adoption and a faster pace of implementation. Through Knapsack’s streamlined UI with simple views for reviewing, editing and managing tokens, designers and engineers can see eye-to-eye and collaborate productively. With Flexible Token Naming in place, teams can gain the trust and understanding needed to create efficient and reliable products.

Note: We aim to be in alignment with the W3C Community Design Token Spec and supporting more flexible naming of tokens, like using dashes, capitalization, and spacing is an important piece to that.

Import Design Tokens In Seconds

The Tokens Studio for Figma plugin or Style Dictionary are great tools to quickly bring your tokens into Knapsack within seconds. In just a few clicks, you can paste your tokens into Knapsack's token importer and have them ready to use in your design system. This update provides a simple and efficient way to manage and sync design tokens between your design system and design library.

UI Enhancements for Design System Efficiency

Knapsack strives to create the most robust UI for its customers and is consistently working on improvements. The new Content Block UI Enhancement rollout features smoother content authorship, wider page widths allowing for more content display, and improved drag-and-drop functions. Altogether, these changes increase the speed and quality of the design system team's work.

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