case study

Unifying multiple design systems

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The Challenge

The global leader in home improvement retail was struggling with a rigid system that only supported their “.com” product and was difficult to update. They were also using fragmented tools to support their other properties, which meant a disconnect between product and marketing.

The Solution

This Fortune 500 company used Knapsack to build a flexible, core system that would power their full ecosystem of products and brands. They used Knapsack’s customizable workspace and developer tools to quickly rollout a new system and begin implementing changes.

The Impact

Market Speed Enhancement

Accelerated feature speed-to-market 15% with a Knapsack-powered system, saving $1M+ annually.

Efficiency in Project Delivery

Recent project shipped in 6 months vs. estimated 12 months (50% improvement in efficiency)

Broad Organizational Adoption

Widespread adoption with 1000+ team members using the system

Cross-Functional Design Integration

Unified design system being used by product, brand and marketing

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