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Why agencies use Knapsack for design system projects

Get all the software, expert support, and resources you’ll need to become the design system partner your clients can’t live without.

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Work with the best-in-class design systems platform.
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Expand your reach and level up your business.
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Free Knapsack access for your team and clients.

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Eligibility for co-marketing (thought leadership, events, podcast, etc.)
Access to Knapsack's design system experts and product team members
Free Knapsack workspaces with unlimited seats for your team and clients
Co-selling with Knapsack account executive and solutions engineer
Shared Slack or Teams channel with our team
Inclusion in Knapsack's sales and marketing materials
Participate in early access program for new Knapsack features
Access to additional training sessions and enablement materials
Access to roadmap updates
Dedicated partner manager

Partner Requirements

Signed mutual NDA
Named primary contact for partnership
Completed partner training

"The flexibility of Knapsack makes it an ideal tool for us to integrate into existing build processes to ensure design, product, and development are all on the same page with the components we have, how to integrate them, and to ensure the stability of those components as they change."
Mike Lively
VP of Architecture at Slickdeals

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Frequently asked questions

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What counts as a paid user?

A Knapsack user account is tied to a single email address and can be used across multiple workspaces. A paid user seat is required for Admin and Editor roles, used for making changes to the workspace, including documentation and tokens. Viewers are able to access the workspace (via login or publicly) for free.  Learn more about user roles and permissions in our Knowledge Base.

Can I use Knapsack for free?

Knapsack does not currently offer a free trial period. As an enterprise platform, we help customers get to ROI within the first few days or weeks. So spending valuable cycles 'kicking the tires' doesn't make sense when we could be making serious progress towards your system goals. We do offer technical sessions, public demo workspaces, and workshops to help teams understand the ins and outs of the platform before diving in. Contact us today to get started.

What types of payment do you accept?

Knapsack is purchased on an annual subscription cycle, and is most often paid for via ACH / banking transfer. We can accept all major credit cards, as well, upon request.

How does billing work for the Starter and Enterprise Plans?

Knapsack Starter and Enterprise Plans are billed annually and support a variety of payment methods. Quarterly true-ups are performed based on actual usage following review with your dedicated account team. For more information, visit our Knowledge Base.