Webinar: Design System Roadmap & Strategy for the Enterprise

In this webinar, “Design System Roadmap & Strategy for the Enterprise,” we tackle the complexities of building a comprehensive design system within large organizations.

We have an incredible panel, featuring insights from Mark Reynolds, Design Systems Expert and Advisor at Knapsack, Ashley Willard, Director of Product at Apiture, and Nick Hahn, Sr. Manager Design, Design Systems BILL.

We’ll hear tales directly from the trenches with Ashley, as she shares her diverse team’s approach to crafting a unified design system, and the high stakes of accessibility in the digital landscape. Nick illuminates the debate on whether a design system should be viewed as a product or a practice, sharing his experience with off-the-shelf systems and the importance of planning for customization. We also discuss the challenges of creating an inclusive culture where accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, not just a designated few. Our guests, Ashley and Nick, confront the obstacles and wins in promoting a design system’s adoption across various teams, advocating for clear roles and responsibilities.

Expect a conversation rich with strategy, from adoption metrics to fostering engagement, and the revelation of enterprise roadmaps that see design systems not merely as tools but as vital products essential for scalability and efficiency.

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