Webinar recap: Talking tokens, insights from industry leaders

Our Speakers include:

  • Chris Strahl, CEO Co-founder of Knapsack
  • Amber Stickel, Principal Design Technologist at Intuit
  • Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent, Principal Software Engineer at Netlify & Founder of Design Tokens W3C Community Group
  • Taylor Cashdan, Design System Manager at Mayo Clinic
  • Darren Simons, Senior Product Designer - Design Systems at Mulesoft

Design tokens have become a crucial aspect of the workflow for both designers and developers, allowing for the effective encoding and storage of design decisions. Although design tokens have existed for some time, establishing a shared language and tooling for collaboration between designers and developers remains a significant obstacle. To ensure success in design systems, comprehensive education on design tokens is essential so everyone speaks the same language and works towards the same goals.

In our recent webinar, we explored the following topics:

  • Working with Design Tokens in our Day-To-Day
  • Design tokens tooling: The options available to us and the need for interoperability and accessibility
  • Design and engineering symbiosis: leveraging design tokens for better collaboration and product development
  • The importance of education for design token adoption
  • Open-sourcing the Knapsack token utilities

The insights shared by Kaelig, Amber, Darren, and Taylor emphasized the importance of education around design tokens and collaboration between design and engineering teams. The launch of Knapsack’s open-source design token tools is a significant step towards a more streamlined and accessible approach to design tokens. The industry is beginning to embrace a streamlined approach to design tokens, and companies like Knapsack are leading the way by enabling efficient collaboration between designers and developers. This synergy between design and engineering teams is creating opportunities for innovation and faster product development, leading to the creation of better and more interesting products.


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