case study

Building a compliant system from scratch

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The Challenge

National Grid was working with IBM iX to build their very first design system and facing pressure from internal teams to create something quickly. With no existing infrastructure or tooling in place, they needed a way to build a fully compliant system that internal and external teams could start using right away.

The Solution

National Grid used Knapsack’s flexible workspace to build out a custom branded site based on a themed implementation of the Carbon design system. They were also able to use Knapsack’s built-in contribution workflows and distribution pipeline to jumpstart their operations. Knapsack’s security features also meant their system was fully compliant.

The Impact

Compliance Across Borders

A fully compliant system used by internal and external teams

Scalable Design Framework

Centralized design system supporting 10+ properties

Operational Cost Efficiency

Significant cost savings by using Knapsack’s built-in operations

Accelerated System Development

Months saved building and implementing a system from scratch

Create a design system you can trust