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The Challenge

Opendoor needed a single solution that would improve collaboration. Keeping Storybook updated was no longer feasible for engineers. Limited visibility between teams with designers working exclusively in Figma.

The Approach

Knapsack’s code integration allowed Opendoor to eliminate Storybook and reduce engineering workload. The Knapsack web UI allowed designers to add documentation and usage guidelines. Engineers were able to develop templates using JSON that made it easy to import and edit components at scale.

The Impact

Launched a new system in less than 60 days with Knapsack’s flexible infrastructure

Increased conversations between design and development that addressed issues early on

Reduced tooling and maintenance costs for the engineering team

Created a source of truth that both designers and engineers could use 

Our decision criteria came down to does Storybook give us the eventual potential to make the code asset usable in a design tool? Maybe, but the maintenance cost of that is way too high. Knapsack gives us prototyping in code that designers can play with. And, dropping our technical scope of maintaining the code and м is way more valuable to us than trying to maintain those things with the hope that eventually it becomes a design asset.

Josh Benard
Product Manager, Consumer Platform at Opendoor

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