Knapsack vs. Storybook

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Storybook is a great tool for developers who want to work alone. For developers who want to build long-lasting, impactful design systems, they need a tool that lets them collaborate with designers.

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Why are teams switching from Storybook to Knapsack?

Knapsack is built for dynamic workflows
No more Storybook stories to maintain. Using Knapsack, you can build collaboratively within the platform. Storybook is a collection of static assets that aren’t representative of where your design system is going.
Knapsack is always up to date
Unlike Storybook, Knapsack allows technical and non-technical collaborators to take advantage of robust version control and structured data, so your whole team can build without guesswork or approximation.
Knapsack lets everyone contribute
Storybook isn’t accessible to most designers, but Knapsack makes them partners in the design system process. Create a pattern library that designers can actually use and contribute to, that’s all part of an always up-to-date cloud experience.
The flexibility of Knapsack makes it an ideal tool for us to integrate into existing build processes to ensure design, product, and development are all on the same page with the components we have, how to integrate them, and to ensure the stability of those components as they change.
Mike Lively
VP of Architecture at Slickdeals

What makes Knapsack different?

Automated versioning, no manual updates required
Maintaining a system and the products that use it is enough work. Why waste precious time updating demo examples for your docs? Knapsack’s dynamic documentation and playground automatically update when the system source changes, so you can spend more time building and less time re-building.
Powered by an API and data schemas
Get your data in the format you want it in with the knowledge and security that you control changes. Knapsack’s robust version control means there’s no need to resync fields, no manual API documentation, and no concerns about stale or out-of-date assets.
No need to worry about setup and maintenance
Build and ship within one platform without needing to search for open-source plugins that, between us, don’t always get the job done. Knapsack is built and supported by design system professionals.

Handles asset theming out of the box

Asset sets in Knapsack enable engineers to implement themes or other collections of styles easily right out of the box, no plugins needed.

This framework applies to production too, giving you a straightforward approach to managing and applying themes across your applications.

Collaborate with designers on an accessible and flexible pattern library

Let designers into your workflow without worrying about disruptions or changes
Support multiple teams, brands, and technologies with a flexible platform that accommodates complex ecosystems
Consolidate multiple tools in a shared, easily-accessible workspace that's easy for everyone to work with

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What our users say

“Knapsack (and their incredibly dedicated team) not only provided us a place to house our design system, they bridged the gap and created opportunities for cross-team collaboration.”
James Nguyen
Software Engineer II@ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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